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Disturbance of Mitochondrial functioning

Loss of mitochondrial activity is characteristic in ageing and in fatigue states, and is has been suggested that nutritional supplements may help, agadjanyan.etal03.txt. Medications have now emerged as a major cause of mitochondrial damage, which may explain many adverse effects, neustadt.pieczenik08.txt.


Preliminary evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction associated with post-infective fatigue after acute infection with Epstein Barr Virus, vernon.etal06.txt, vernon.etal06.pdf


A study on muscle fibres in FM found low numbers of mitochondrias, and evidence of DNA fragmentation, sprott.etal04.txt.

(31)P magnetic resonance spectroscopy can be used to define mitochondrial function and pH regulation in

peripheral muscle during exercise (in this study CFS patients are controls), hollingsworth.etal08.txt.


The Glasgow team using magnetic resonance spectroscopy, 31-P MRS on muscles, is open to this cause for CFS symptoms, chaudhuri.behan04.txt, chaudhuri.behan04.pdf.  Calculation of free Mg2+ levels from previous data showed CFS patients had higher resting free Mg2+ levels compared to sedentary controls, mccully.etal06.txt


More evidence is accumulating in relation to mitochondrial dysfunctioning as the cause of most (if not all) chronic diseases, letter.fiddian-green04.txt.  Use of phosphocreatine kinetics to determine the influence of creatine on muscle mitochondrial respiration in vivo, smith.etal04.txt, smith.etal04.pdf.  Acute phase phospholipids related to the cardiolipin of mitochondria in the sera of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), hokama.etal08.txt, hokama.etal08.pdf.

Significant lower ATP levels were observed inside platelets of FM patients vs. healthy controls, bazzichi.etal08.txt.

One hypothesis suggests the presence of autoantibodies against endogenous vasoactive peptides, staines04.txt, staines04.pdf. Are vasoactive neuropeptide autoimmune fatigue-related disorders mediated via G protein-coupled receptors? staines_05.pdf. Does dysregulation of key epigenetic and biochemical pathways occur in postulated vasoactive neuropeptide autoimmune disorders? staines.5.txt, staines.5.pdf. Do vasoactive neuropeptide autoimmune disorders explain pyridostigmine's association with Gulf War syndrome? staines_5.txt. Therapeutic and preventive interventions for postulated vasoactive neuropeptide autoimmune fatigue-related disorders, staines5.txt, staines5.pdf.

The suggestion that enzyme deficiency in CFS cause 'oxidative stress' was raised some years ago, fulle.etal00.txt, fulle.etal.00.txt. Modification of the functional capacity of sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes, fulle.etal03.txt, fulle.etal03.pdf. Specific correlations between muscle oxidative stress and CFS: a working hypothesis, fulle.etal08.txt, fulle.etal08.pdf.

Preliminary findings suggest an abnormal or defective adaptive response to oxidative stress in CFS, and raise the

possibility that HSP (heat shock proteins) profiling may provide a more objective biologic marker for this illness,  thambirajah.etal08.txt.


Hypothesis: CFS is caused by dysregulation of hydrogen sulfide (HS) metabolism, due to reduction in the capacity of mitochondria to utilize oxygen and synthesize ATP, lemle08.txt.



A possible link to deregulation of the RNaseL pathway, cluding problems with RNase L cleavage, nijs.etal03.txt, nijs.etal03.pdf. Also combining current knowledge on immune deregulation, RNAse disturbance and NO production presents a hypothesis, nijs.etal04.txt, nijs.etal04.pdf.



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